Educational Outreach SMArts Program

Ballet Pacifica is excited to introduce our Educational Outreach Program - SMArts, which stands for Science, Math and Arts. This unique program not only brings the performing arts experience to school age children, it also consists of a curriculum aligned with the Common Core Standards of California.  SMArts will be the most extensive of its kind in the Los Angeles area, bringing the beauty of ballet and classical music to thousands of children each year. 


Second graders from public, private, and home schools will be exposed to the world of dance through classroom discussion, hands on activities and a field trip to the Centinela Valley Center of the Arts at Lawndale High School to see a live production of the Nutcracker Suites.  The goal of our Educational Outreach Program is to present ballet to young people in a way that will have an endearing impact on their lives.

At a time when meaningful arts education in public schools is limited, it is more important than ever that the performing arts are accessible to public, private, and home-schooled children in our culturally diverse communities.