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Sept 1, 2022

We have a new website:

Register now for the Fall 2022 school year. Use the link above to connect to SMARTS.

April 1, 2022
Registration for the SMArts Fall 2022 school year is open. Returning schools will need to register with current information and new schools are always welcome.

December 2021 recap
Ballet Pacifica started the 2021 school year with many school students returning to in person classroom instruction. Teachers could see the excitement of the students as they participated in the engaging digital  SMArts program. 
As the County's Covid restrictions eased, Ballet Pacifica was able to offer SMArts students, tickets to see two live performances of the Nutcracker at CVCA in Lawndale, California. 

August 12, 2021
School is starting and we are excited to have 42 schools with 1825 students enrolled in the SMArts program. There is still time to register your school.
Unfortunately, this year the field trip to see a live performance will not be available due to the pandemic. We hope next year to be able to offer this  awesome experience to the students.


April 6, 2021

Registration is now open for the Fall SMArts program. 

What’s new for 2021:

  • Instructional videos for teachers and docents to assist in the teaching of the lessons. 

  • Teaching Tips posted on Ballet Pacifica's website.  

  • FAQ’s posted on Ballet Pacifica's website.

  • We will offer pathways to 3 different ways the lessons can be taught, video, teacher led or docent led, so that we meet the Covid requirements put in place for your school. 

  • At this point, we cannot say if there will be a live Nutcracker performance. We don’t know if schools will be allowed field trips, nor do we know if theaters will be open to full capacity. While we wait and see, we also keep moving forward. What we can say is that Covid didn’t stop us last year and it won’t stop us this year. We will continue to enhance the SMARTS Program and bring joy to more and more students. 

  • Visit the Home page to sign up your school.

Happy to be in 2021.



Here are our numbers by year:


2018 Pilot Year of Ballet Pacifica’s SMARTS program  

12 Schools.     543 Students

Also, in 2018 we had 8 schools with 227 students who did not do the lessons but attended the field trip to the Nutcracker Suites performance.

Since we had just started, we purposely limited the number of schools doing the complete program to allow for refinement.


2019, 2nd Year   

37 Schools.   1546 Students

In 2019, we only had 1 school that did not return which was due to a change in administration.



2020, 3rd Year

New digital SMARTS Lessons introduced  

39 Schools.   1554 Students


Extra facts about the schools participating in 2020: 

12 schools are in their 3rd year participating in the SMARTS Program

 6 schools have participated for 2 plus years (they did the field trip their first year)

14 schools are in their 2nd year

 7 schools are new this year


This shows that we have an outstanding school retention rate!


In 2020, we had 5 schools that did not return. Two had a change in administration and three schools felt that they were overwhelmed with Zoom teaching due to Covid issues. I feel quite certain that they will be back in 2021.


The genius of the SMARTS program is being shared by word of mouth amongst the fellow teachers according to teacher, Erin Demarest.

We have received e-mails from teachers who love the program and are looking forward to seeing a live performance of the Nutcracker Suites.



This is from a Los Angeles Unified School District, teacher.



Liliana Saenz





Thank you so much for this program. My class and I loved it! It was amazing! You guys really outdid yourselves. The way that you adapted the program for distance learning was SENSATIONAL!! Kudos to you and everyone who worked on it. The program was outstanding, and the dancers were top-notch! Thank you so much. Hopefully, next year we will be able to see it in person. Happy Holidays!


And the children who are so inspired by this program send us mail, too.

This year a young boy, contacted Ballet Pacifica via email. We spoke to his schoolteacher and his parents and have arranged for him to train at Pacific Dance Center on a full scholarship! Yes, Boys do Dance!



Ballet Pacifica's mission is to expose young people to the artistry, beauty and athleticism of ballet through educational outreach and performances. Its innovative "SMARTS" Program (Science, Math and the Arts) offers an interactive digital curriculum for second and third graders that integrates dance and movement with concepts such as symmetry, balance, force, story-telling and world culture, culminating in a performance of the "Nutcracker Suites" ballet. Ballet Pacifica proudly serves thousands of students across Los Angeles County, and is excited to expand its arts education outreach program throughout California and beyond.


The Board of Directors has invested energy, creativity, talent, expertise and generous financial contributions to fulfill the mission of Ballet Pacifica. Thank- you everyone who has supported Ballet Pacifica’s SMARTS program.

Your contribution will be used to inspire and educate the children through the SMARTS program and The Nutcracker Suites performance.


I will keep you updated with the future plans of Ballet Pacifica’s SMARTS program. May the New Year be bright and bring Happiness to you and your family.




Linden McPherson, President of Ballet Pacifica a 501(c)3

November 15, 2020 

Ballet Pacific participated in the Pavilion of Holiday Trees at South Coast Plaza in Orange County. Our Nutcracker in the Kingdom of Sweets tree was auctioned off for over $2000.  These proceeds will be use for the SMArts programing.

October 15, 2020

Schools have signed up and are already enjoying the new digital series of our SMARTS program. 


September 15, 2020

The BP Board of Directors have been busy this summer planning and producing a new digital series of our SMARTS program. We knew we needed to adapt to the current times with schools using remote learning during the pandemic. The 4 lesson series is creative, engaging and fun. Students will still be able to see a recorded performance of the Nutcracker Suites filmed at last years show. See the promo video on our home page for a snapshot of the program.

March 5, 2020

Ballet Pacifica's Girl Scout Experience

Looking for a great way to visit the City of Agrabah with Jasmine?

Click on the Scout 's link above and

Come see.... 


June 19  at 6pm &

June 20  at 2:00pm  at 

 CVCA, Lawndale High School

March 1, 2020

Registration is open for the 2020 SMArts Educational Outreach Program. Returning and new schools can apply on the SMArts link above.  

Jan. 1, 2020

May the new year ring in health healthy and happiness to all. We are looking forward to another exciting year.

Dec. 19, 2019

Wrapping up the Year

Ballet Pacifica 2019 SMArts Program is wrapping up. Docents are finishing up their final lesson in the classrooms and students are writing thank you notes to our dancers after attending the Nutcracker Suites Production. We're wrapping up the year with so much to be thankful for! We've seen a significant amount of growth and success in the past two years and we honestly couldn't have done it without the help of our Sponsors, PDC Families, Docents, Board Members and the South Bay Community.



Overall, the SMArts Program was a huge success for the 2nd year in a row. This year we were able to share our program with 1,700 students

from 37 schools across Los Angeles. 

On Thursday, December 5th our Ballet Pacifica company dancers performed two Nutcracker Suites productions at the Centinela Valley Center for the Arts. The performances drew excitement from the young audience members as they watched the Rat King and the Nutcracker sword fight and the students faces dropped in awe during the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.


We received numerous thank you letters from teachers and principals expressing their appreciation and impact the program had on their students. Over the course of the last few weeks, we had a chance to talk with some of our docents who shared success stories and their experiences in the classroom.


We couldn't have asked for a better year and look

forward for what's to come!

Dec. 12, 2019

Exciting News!!

Last week Ballet Pacifica was featured on the front page of The Beach Reporter. The Daily Breeze also ran the article. The article includes statements from the students which reflects their genuine appreciation and excitement for the program. It also highlights what sets SMArts apart from other outreach programs and how the program started. What was once a dream, soon became reality!











Dec. 5, 2019 

Nutcracker Suites Production

Today we shared a live theater performance of the Nutcracker Suites with over 1,700 second grade students across Los Angeles. We bused all of the students in to the Centinela Valley of the Arts and hosted 2 performances to accommodate all of the schools enrolled in the SMArts program. For many students this was their first live performance they had ever experienced. Young minds were blown away and excitement filled the crowd!

Nov. 3, 2019

The Sugar Plum Gala 

On Sunday, November 3rd we hosted our annual Gala at the Ayres Hotel. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for Ballet Pacifica SMArts, educate others on the program and to celebrate the success we've experienced thus far. The night was full of entertainment, food & drinks, a silent auction and wonderful company full of BP supporters and sponsors. We enjoyed spending the evening with everyone and we hope you be able to join us again next year!

Oct. 5-6, 2019

MB Hometown Fair 

This weekend we participated in MB annual Hometown Fair. Ballet Pacifica had a booth setup all weekend and PDC dancers performed on stage Sunday afternoon. Parent and dancer volunteers educated the community by answering questions about our SMArts program and distributing information and giveaways. The event allowed us to have a face in the community and meet others that want to help support our mission. Overall the event was a success!













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